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New York


Ravenloft Castle

RavenloftThis gothic structure in Upstate New York is a relic of a time passed by. The building features everything you would expect from a castle from turrets to a courtyard to a tall gate seperating from the overgrown wilderness around it. It is built in the style of many of the castles found in Scotland and most of the materials are imported from Europe. The building began construction before World War I but was never finished when the owner died in 1921. The castle has been a source of local stories for over 100 years.


The College for Girls

College for GirlsOrginally called The Finishing School for Girls, this educational institution opened in 1890, building on this site in Dutchess County in 1907. The school became a junior college in the early 20th century and continued into the mid-1970s. Encountering financial problems, the school reached out to nearby Briarcliff College, but they decided to merge with Pace University. The College closed in 1978 for good.

Old COllege for Girls