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Rotoscoping a Gymnist
Emma Lang
Joshe Masse
Jame Winkfield RotoscopeCat
Rotoscoping is the process of making live action film into animations.  During the first semester of animation our students learn the process of making short clips using Flash.  They then create
a personal logo that they will use for their animations.
Brain Logo
Personal Logo
2D Animation: Ice Blue Demo Reel

Finally, at the end of the semester the students pick a theme, draw a storyboard, and create an animation in flash.
During the next 2 years, they will use Flash to develop web sites and portfolio pieces.

For more information about the computer graphics/ digital arts major, contact Professor Ruth West of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at (413) 748-3679 or by email: Information is also available from
the Admissions Office, (800) 343-1257.