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The Computer Graphics/Digital Arts major at Springfield College is a hands-on art program that emphasizes three main areas of study: 3d animation, interactive design, and web design. These areas prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge to compete in the rapidly growing field of Digital Arts.

Students will explore animation through the use of MAYA and Flash while they learn web design with Dreamweaver HTML, and CSS. As they advance, our students create 3d modeling, motion tests, 3d animation and interactive web sites using high-end equipment. In their senior year, students will select an internship/fieldwork placement in either 3d or Web Design, enabling them to experience the "real world" of the Digital Arts industry.

For more information about the Computer Graphics/ Digital Arts major, contact Professor Ruth West of the Visual
and Performing Arts Department at (413) 748-3679 or by email: Ruth_West@spfldcol.edu.
Information is also available from the Admissions Office (800) 343-1257.