Basic Computer Graphic Studio: What do you Know?
Basic Computer Graphics-Stone Vein: a new fictional product
Basic Computer Graphics-Pep: Stone Pet Basic Computer Studio Corporate project Community Service: Greenfield YMCA
Community Service Project: YMCA Southbridge
Using Flash Scripting: Understanding the nature of water Using Flash Interactivity: Story From Einstien's Dream Advanced actionscripting: Landscape final portfolio in Css and Flash

At Springfield College our students learn to work on the web by understanding the elements of good design, the fundamentals of coding in Java, HTML, CSS, and Action- Scripting, and most of all learning to think creatively.

During their junior or senior year our students participate in a community service where they work as a team to create a web site for a non-profit agency such as the YMCA. In other advanced classes, they explore advanced action-scripting in Flash for the web and design portfolio sites for themselves.

For more information about the computer graphics/ digital artsmajor,
contact Professor Ruth West of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at (413) 748-3679
or by email:
Information is also available from the Admissions Office, (800) 343-1257.