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Do you have Adware or Spyware on your computer? Well, you probably have it and don't know it. What is adware/spyware? These are components installed on your system when you visit websites. Some are harmless, but others can be damaging to your systems performance, network connection, and more. To make sure your system is clean, get the “award winning” cleaners below.




Spyware Removal  & Tools


Below are some very good "freeware" and "trial" scanners. To ensure that you get 98% of the adware and spyware on your system, we recommend you install AdAware SE and SpyBot14. Spybot 1.4 also has a built in blocker to prevent infection.

Note: These programs should be run at least once a month in case something should slip through, or new spyware is developed. You MUST also Download the latest Reference file for the programs and update them to current versions (which can be found below).  If they are not updated, you WILL get infested again, and you WILL get disconnected from our network. Updates contain the information that tells the program what spyware/ad-ware is currently out there.








Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.6 FREEWARE

Adware and Spyware Scanner

Install the latest detection files for Ad-Aware SE


Detection file update




Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4 FREEWARE

Adware and Spyware Scanner

Install the latest detection files for SpybotSD


Detection file update

SpyBot Automatic Configuration

MUST DOWNLOAD & RUN LAST. This will configure your SpyBotSD Client to update itself automatically as well as other tweaks. This file is essential.

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